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A Letter From Tawnya Zeytinoglu
Are You Ready To See The World In A Different Light?
For so long now we have been encouraged to focus on dualities like good and bad, right and wrong, more or less... In schools they teach us all about quantity and how to attain a lot of what our egos want. Unfortunately, we have not been taught so consistently about why or how you might want to focus on a better quality of life and the idea of overall personal fulfillment. We have never been offered this blueprint to understand the depth of our reality, or of ourselves. Almost as if ... it didn't even exist.

Yet I am here to serve as a beacon by assisting humanity to flip this well played script. I am here to assure you that this often undetected code and blueprint exists - and you can access it. It's time to tap into some much needed soul food, and to share about certain qualities that are now available for us to easily experience, that we may not even realize we are missing out on in our lives. The overwhelming impulse for bigger, better and more permeates the collective psyche. Do you notice what happens when we view our reality this way? There never seems to be enough - for anyone.

To help level our playing field of perception as we embark on this unprecedented collective fork in the road that our world is being faced with - it is no surprise that the universe is now nudging me to share the vistas through these ancient lenses. How else are we going to witness what is happening to ourselves and our world...differently?

2020 was the incubation period of 'clear vision' that served as our proverbial collective Judgement Day, as well as a harbinger of long overdue revelations that has been prophesied for eons of time. In the big picture this has created greater potentials for integrity within ourselves, our lineages, our businesses, and within existing worldwide structures that are meant to serve others.

I am offering Mystical Numerology Level 1 for anyone ready to embark on this pathway of self-discovery and personal revelation. This course will take you through portals and stargates, and serve as a mystical initiation that will forever enhance the way you experience your reality.

I am incredibly excited to share this suppressed and long hidden information with all of you.
September 11, 2023 it all begins. See you there!

Tawnya Zeytinoglu

P.S. Below is the bonus video from Mystical Numerology Level 1 (Easter 2020) looking at the *qualities* of the energies that are revealed in the charts of Donald Trump + Melania, Justin Trudeau + Sophie, and Vladimir Putin. In the video I discuss my interpretation of the information that exists beneath the surface, based on Mystical Numerology.


"Tawnya Zeytinoglu is amazing, and her class is transforming. If you want to understand more about the vibration and movement of energy and numbers - this class is for you!
Michelle Comeau
Founder of EarthMother
"This Mystical Numerology class taught me the balance between energetic flow and logical patterns. This course definitely allowed my heart and my mind to learn the same language and communicate with each other more fluently."
Kerri Murphy Philips
Founder of Wholeness by Kerri
"Thank you so much for your teachings, I am seeing numbers and patterns in a new light. I loved this class!!!"
Lisa McFadden
Founder of Spirit Lounge Yoga Studio
"Tawnya Zeytinoglu and her teachings provide you with tools and techniques that guide you through the deepest of ancestral karmas, allowing you to see reality from a perspective that is unlike any other you’ve experienced. This Mystical Numerology class helped me translate and navigate the signs and symbols that the universe is constantly guiding us with, which in turn changed my life in a way that is not even really possible to describe.”
Pamela Marchand
Founder of Arianda Healings
Mystical Numerology Level 1
  Mystical Numerology Level 1 will consist of weekly pre-recorded videos in our Private Facebook Group.

 Class 1
Wednesday September 11, 2024 7 PM EST

Class 2
Wednesday September 18, 2024 7 PM EST

Class 3
Wednesday September 25, 2024 7 PM EST

Class 4
Wednesday October 2, 2024 7 PM EST

 Tawnya will also have additional FACEBOOK LIVES throughout this 4 week class to answer questions and to go more deeply into interpreting and decoding Numerology Charts.

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